Unlike most rescue groups, we do not list available dogs on our website or we do not request application forms be submitted.

Email us…

Tell us why you wish to adopt a specific dog that you like from our FB page.  Why you believe you should be considered.  And why our PFT dog would be happy in your home.

As the majority of our PFT dogs are special needs, are elderly, may have health issues and come from unfavourable backgrounds – we are not focused on their breed, their gender or whether they are toilet trained.  And neither should you be.

All of our PFT dogs have their journeys shared on Facebook & it is there that you can gather all the information you require, before contacting us wishing to adopt.

All we ask for prior to contact is:-

–  The entire family be onboard with the adoption

–  Be prepared for a yard check.

–  Decide you actually wish to adopt the dog in question (no time wasters or window shoppers please…)

–  Be prepared to pay for a donation fee

–  Any air travel cost involved is for adopter’s account

Each PFT dog’s adoption has a donation fee, which is a token gesture of goodwill gifted to the charity for the thousands of $$’s spent on the vet care of each individual dog.

We have lots of very special, sweet, elderly, deserving dogs available, all looking for homes to the right family.  Join our Facebook page and watch their lives unfold.  If you decide you’d like to offer a home to one – we can’t wait to hear from you.